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above water. >> reporter: lesley and jeff grosvenor bought this two-bedroom condominium near los angeles in 2009. they paid $535,000.2os by 2012, it was worth just $413, 000, a 23% drop. they were underwater, meaning their house was worth less than their mortgage. as the market started to fall, how concerned were you? >> very concerned. we had spent our life savings on the down payment, and we just thought, you know, what if-- what if we can't turn this around? >> reporter: home prices in the los angeles area are now surging, up more than 20% in the past year. the grosvenors are about to sell their condo for $610,000, a $75,000 profit. >> it's helping us towards our down payment for our next house. sure, we would have liked more but it's a good start. >> reporter: california has seen the largest trop in the under of underwater ne mortgage. nevada, texas, and minnesota are also having strong recoveries. >> since peak, we pulled about five million home owners out of negative equity and more than three million in the past year alone. >> reporter: the grosvenors just had a baby. now that the
. cloudy in los angeles with a high of 68. >>> well, today the nation pauses to remember a dark day in its history. 50 years ago president john f. kennedy was shot and killed as hisor motcade traveled through dealey plaza in dallas. this is how it looked when walter cronkite reported it on cbs. >> apparently official, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time, some 38 minutes ago. vice president johnson has left the hospital in dallas, but we do not to where he has proceeded. presumably he will be taking the oath of office shortly and will become the 36th president of the united states. >> thousands will gather at dealey plaza this morning for a phone ceremony. >>> in boston, the jfk library open an exhibit of never-before displayed items from kennedy's funeral. and at the white house president obama meets with volunteer from the peace corps, a program kennedy created. >>> a woman who was in dealey plaza half a century ago recorded the final seconds of the president's life. >> right on the corner. and as the motorcade approached, we stepped into
a manual in the face outside the w hotel last month. last week in los angeles a judge there ordered brown into anger management rehab. brown is on probation there for his assault on his then girlfriend rihanna for an accident back in 2 incident back in 2009. >>> the state board of elections in virginia will certify the vote in the attorney general's race. according to the board's website democrat mark herring leads republican mark obenshain by just 165 votes. that is less than 100th of a percentage point difference. that gives obenshain the right to request a recount. both candidates have announced transition teams. >>> it's 5:35. thanks for waking up with us this monday. time for another your money report. >> jess came is back with another -- jessica is back with another local money fight. >> good morning to everybody at home. the fight over d.c.'s minimum wage is heating up yet again. city council committee meeting is scheduled to vote today on a bill that would increase the minimum wage to 11.50 an hour. that would be one of the highest rates in the country. d.c. mayor vincent gray say
will deliver a speech pushing immigration reform. tonight he will travel to los angeles. tomorrow he visits the dream works studio to talk about his economic agenda. >>> miley cyrus has a lot of people talking this morning. in los angeles last night, she closed the american music awards by ball. just tin timberlake won three. >> and taylor swift landed the most awards. fans voted her artist of the year. >> this validates that if you voted for this, that we are heartbroken the same way and we fall in love the same way and we're happy the same way. and the fact that you listen to my music means that we're on the same page and i'm 23 and i have no idea what's going to happen to me in my life, but i figure if you decided on something as wonderful as this, then we're pretty much in it together, aren't we. i love you. >> i love you, too. third time taylor swift he were that had honor. the other performances last night, jennifer lopez did a dedication to celia cruise. she changed costumes three times on air. it was a good show. >> i fell asleep early, but i'll go back and look charlie? i'm positit
in chicago. ice and rain in dallas today. and sunshine in los angeles. >>> on the cbs money watch, the hunger games burns the competition. and the cost of gas as you hit the road for thanksgiving. windy gillette is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, wendy. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets finished mostly high earn a slumping yen. tokyo's nikkei rose 1.5%. hong kong's hang seng was unchanged. stocks on wall street open this morning after e week over five points higher. as holiday travelers hit the roads, they're going to be paying more for gas. after nine weeks of falling gas prices, the lundberg survey says the average price of a regular gallon of gas rose 3 cents from last week to $3.25. microsoft says more than 1 million xbox one consoles sold in 24 hours after the new model went on sale friday. the console was launched in 13 markets, and sold out at most retailers. microsoft says that figure surpasses first day sales of the previous generation model, the xbox 360. the sale's figure matches that of sony's playstation 4 which was released more than a wee
court judge agreed he would waive the pop singer's appearance because he's back in rehab in los angeles. brown is facing a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly punching a man outside a hotel last month. he was ordered into anger management this week. >>> more details from the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary school will be released today. the connecticut state attorney will release a report with a clear timeline. he's interviewed dozens of people and investigated every second of what happened that day. it's been nearly a year since a gunman killed 20 children and six adults. >>> you may want to pay special attention to all of the laws of the road today. d.c. police have put new traffic enforcement cameras into place. >> because they're big money makers, that's why. they're designed to catch drivers for speeding, failing to stop at stop signs, blocking intersections or even failing to yield to pedestrianses in crosswalks. only warnings will are issued through december 29. after that the violators will >>say it's about safety ine. mike, and money. >>> 4:35. some americans will
and in chicago. partly sunny in dallas but clouds in los angeles. and time now for a check of the national forecast. the weather shouldn't be a problem if you're planning on hitting the stores for those black friday specials. it will be dry and chilly in the northeast and midwest. in the south it will be dry and slightly warmer. there could be light showers in southern california and rain in the northwest. >>> in sports a crazy game between the pittsburgh steelers and the baltimore ravens. check out this kickoff return. the ravens' jacoby jones is flying down the sidelines. he could score, but he has to avoid steelers coach mike tomlin and gets tackled. then with just over a minute left, kraushing blow. le'veon gets hammered. ravens pull this one out barely, 22-20. >>> and a wild first play. the cowboys' terrance williams fumbles the kickoff return and the ravens craig jenkins runs it in for a td. tony romo had another good night tossing for 200 yards. cowboys tame the raiders, 31-24. >>> and in detroit it was like the packers were dreaming of turkey because they got the stuffing knocked o
. well, a hostage standoff in the los angeles area is over this morning after the gunman surrendered. the hostages, the suspect's girlfriend and her 14-year-old daughter are safe. the standoff began nine hours earlier with a wild exchan
break time iman. >> we're going to be in the los angeles area go to dr. phil.com be in audience ♪ens >> dr. phil: i have a belief and i've said this before, that i think when people show anger, and hostility, and aggressiveness, that it's really just an outward manifesttation of hurt, fear and frustration but that's really what is going on isn't it? >> that i'm hurt? yes. >> dr. phil: scared and frustrated. >> yes. >> dr. phil: you can't change what happened and there's no way to make it fair. there's no way to make it fair. and not even god can change what has happened. but you can change what is happening. >> right. >> dr. phil: and that's what you want to do, right? you're totally prepared completely to forgive her for anything to ask for forgiveness for anything. you're ready to -- totally ready to wipe the slate clean? >> if she's willing to she will. >> dr. phil: she's telling you she wants to and doesn't know how i don't know how not to be reactive and how to not be explosive and i don't know how. it's like somebody that has a really bad suburb burn and you come up and sl
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